As a mom, you want nothing more than to be able to bless your children with the most amazing birthday so that they remember it for years to come! That looked very different for Paisley’s 5th birthday and with everything going on, I knew I needed to make it even more special!

So, what did I do to make it magical this year? We had a birthday party with her animal friends just like we would her real friends! Paisley dressed up as one of her favorite princesses, the little mermaid, and we had a birthday party for her princess and animal friends!

To help with the anticipation, we hung up her princess mermaid dress on her closet door the night before so that she could look forward to her pretend party the next day!

A little girl wearing a Purple Sparkle Mermaid dress up and standing in front of a white tent with toys on the floor.
Purple Sparkle Mermaid dress up on a hanger and hanging on the knob of a white closet door.

When she woke up it was breakfast and then time to party! Paisley put on her favorite mermaid dress and we made an afternoon of it! Confetti cupcakes, pretend doughnuts with extra sprinkles, lemonade, party favors, tassels, and balloons…..everything we would have done for her normal birthday party! We could have just let another year go by without creating memories, but instead, I wanted her to have fun and remember that even if things aren’t going our way in life, you can still change the outcome.

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