We are happy to team up with @sistersavers to bring you this super easy, super tasty recipe!

One of our kids’ favorite things to do is bake! We are always looking for simple, easy recipes that we can do with them. Since the girls essentially live in dress-up and want to do everyday things like paint and bake while all dolled up, we are absolutely LOVING these twirl dresses from Little Adventures. These are a more casual, everyday style dress that still looks just like the costume of their favorite princess or action hero. So when the girls came to us asking to bake, we didn’t think twice about asking them to change out of their favorite twirl dresses. In fact, they had even more fun pretending they were princesses baking for a party.

Mini waffle maker with a cinnamon roll waffle sitting in it.

Nikki discovered how easy it would be to replicate the latest trendy recipe she kept seeing everyone post about: Cinnamon Roll Waffles with a cream cheese glaze using only the Pillsbury Grand Cinnamon Roll tube you can buy at any grocery store. She has a mini waffle maker and those two things are ALL you need to make a delicious and easy snack.

A tube of cinnamon rolls, a mini waffle maker, and a plate with completed cinnamon roll waffles all sitting on a counter.
Two little girls who are wearing Cinderella and Astro Twirl dresses while eating cinnamon roll waffles.

The girls separated out the rolls and we helped them safely pop each one into the waffle maker. We let them frost away and they definitely snuck in more than a few licks! We love knowing we can just pop the dresses into the washing machine, and they will come out looking as good as new. This one is a great recipe to do with your kiddos & a big thanks to Little Adventures for the adorable dresses!

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