Summer is underway and parents are looking for ideas to keep kids busy that won’t break the bank. Here are some Out of the Box Ideas!


What was one of your most favorite childhood memories as a child? If you loved it, there is a pretty good chance your kids will also love it. 

  • floating boats in the creek
  • hide and seek at grandma’s house
  • building fairy gardens in the flowerbeds
  • sewing pajama shorts
  • making homemade jam with berries from the garden


The internet is filled with fun online lessons for both kids and adults and many are free! Rather than drive the kids all around town, let them explore a new hobby right at home. Here are some links to some of our favorites. 


Sometimes we travel hundreds of miles to go visit a zoo or a museum but yet never go to the ones right in our own communities. This summer pretend you are a tourist and enjoy some of your local favorites.

  • Go to a museum
  • Visit some new parks
  • Take a walking tour
  • Camp in the backyard
  • Eat at a common tourist restaurant


In our busy world, sometimes we miss the simplicity of nature. Nature can help a child relax, feel peace and comfort and create memories. 

  • Watch a sunset or get up early and go for a hike and watch the sunrise.
  • Go up the canyon and build a fire and roast hot dogs and S’mores


Setting a goal and working on it every day is a wonderful skill that will benefit kids as adults. Here are some ideas of things they could work on and track. 

  • How many miles can you hike during the summer?
  • How many times they can ride their bike  around the block.
  • How many books they can read.
  • How many pictures they can draw. Can they fill their entire room with pictures?