Fall is one of our favorite seasons here at Little Adventures, and @amyallenphotography has the perfect day planned out to get your home ready for the season!

Even princesses love Fall so, when we told Paisley we were headed out to start shopping for all things cozy and fall, she wanted to make sure she looked her best!! She grabbed her Cinderella Twirl Dress and was ready to go. “Even princesses have to get ready for fall, right mom?” ABSOLUTELY!

We started with getting lunch, all the ladies at the restaurant loved her dress. Paisley twirled to the music and loved showing off her Cinderella dance skills. We then headed to look at pumpkins and our tiny princess looked for the perfect mini pumpkin for her bedroom! After choosing her pumpkin we then decided that Cinderella needed a cookie break! We found fall cookies, which made for the perfect treat.

Little girl showing off her Cinderella Twirl Dress while standing on a white bed.
A little girl wearing a Cinderella twirl dress, blue bow, and mask while browsing Fall cookie selections at a store.

After our long day of fall shopping and treating ourselves to fall sweets, Princess Paisley decided she might need to lay down since she was tired. After putting our pumpkins on the front porch, for all to see, she laid down for a rest. It was the perfect mommy-daughter day to get ready for fall and what a fun trip it was pretending she was Cinderella decorating her castle for cooler weather decor!!

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