Mother’s Day is a great time to let the mom’s in your life know how much you appreciate them (although we should really celebrate them all year round!). Whether they are your family, friends, mentors, co-workers, bosses, employees, or caretakers, we each have a network of women who provide support, guidance and love in our lives. Here are a few meaningful ideas you and your children can do to show appreciation this Mother’s Day.


What better way to express your love than through a letter or card and this is something you and your children can do together! Have them help make a card for Grandma while you write a note to share your love and appreciation for her (they may even sneakily make one for you at the same time!).  Sometimes, saying what you mean out loud is difficult, but a letter gives you an opportunity to share without feeling pressure.  So, pick up a pen and paper and write from the heart. No matter how clumsy you are with words, she is going to love anything you write and having a drawing or a little note from the grandkids will be the icing on the cake. This will be something that she will treasure forever and likely keep as a remembrance. 


Have your kids call your Mom or MIL with you this Mother’s Day. In a world full of texting, social media, and emails, picking up the phone is a meaningful way to show you care. It only takes a few minutes and it’s free! Grandma will be extra excited to hear from her grandkids, I happen to know that every time one of the grandkids calls my mom it makes her whole day! Calling also gives you a chance to ask them how they’re doing, make plans to see them, and tell them how much you appreciate them and all they do.


How many hours have you spent trying to think of the perfect gift only to come up with an over commercialized idea? Well, they say actions speak louder than words and it has never been more true than when showing someone you appreciate them. Finding something that you can do for them that will benefit them the most, can be the best gift they will ever receive.  For the woman that is always on the go you can offer to bring dinner or run an errand. This can be a much-needed welcome relief.  For the Mom that doesn’t get a break, offer to watch the kids for the afternoon so she can have some personal time. Kids can be included by having Dad help them bring Mom breakfast in bed or help cook a yummy dinner for Mom. For the elderly, bring the kids along to see Grandma and let them visit while you clean (if she wants you to).  These are gifts that will show your love and appreciation far greater than a bottle of lotion or a candle.


Many women will tell you that they love bouquets of flowers and being spoiled with gifts but one of the greatest gifts women enjoy is spending quality time with those they love. Gather some of the women (and girls) in your life and have a tea party, watch a movie, have a spa day, or take some time to sit and catch up with each other. Many times we get going too fast and forget that a listening ear and a good conversation can be just what is needed. Whatever it is you decide to do, this time spent together will be treasured!


Little Adventures is run by two women that wanted to make a difference in the world. From the beginning, their mission has been to encourage the joys of childhood. They decided they wanted to help change the world, one dress up at a time.  From orphanages to hospitals and everything in between, they’ve donated countless dress ups to children in need putting smiles on not only the child’s face but Mom’s too! To honor women this Mother’s Day consider supporting a women-owned organization like Little Adventures or organizations like those found here. When purchasing a gift this Mother’s Day consider buying from one of the many women-owned companies to show your support.

This Mother’s Day we celebrate all that women are in this world. We celebrate you, the moms who work so hard and give endlessly! Women fill so many roles as supporter, shoulder to cry on, problem solver, doctor, peacemaker, friend, advice giver, shopping buddy, broken heart healer, advocate, cheerleader, and so much more! 

Happy Mother’s Day!