Every Mom feels overwhelmed and exhausted on a regular basis but when you consider the super powers a mom has, it’s no wonder she is exhausted.


The average human being requires a certain amount of sleep to be able to function properly. Moms are NOT average human beings, they can be up all night with a crying baby and still function adequately the next day.


Nobody will love you quite like your mother does. Mom’s have an ability to love no matter what their kids do. Mom is always there standing by with an endless supply of hugs and kisses for her children. Even if they are doing something wrong or are in trouble for misbehaving, it’s never in doubt that moms adore their children and will always be there to help.


Being a mom is not easy and there are definitely times that you may want to run away. But they never actually do it!


Mom’s don’t even have to speak a word. They can just look at you with a look and their child knows exactly what they are saying.


Mom’s are full of pure determination. When everyone else has given up, Mom insists on gathering the necessary tools for kids to keep on trying. She magically finds one more thing to try and then one more and one more and one more.


Even the most un-crafty mom will tap into her deep soul of creativity to keep the kids occupied on a rainy day or when stuck in a car. Mom’s can magically pull entertainment out of their purse and hat like magic.

Are mom’s super heroes? I think so! I don’t know anyone other than a Mom that can do all of these things. Moms are the unspoken heroes that deserve this recognition. Moms are the ones who give us life, ensure our safety, nurture us and perform super powers on a daily basis.  I think Moms definitely deserve a hero cape, don’t you?