We’ve teamed up with @saversisters to bring you a brand new blog this week. It’s all about appreciating the little moments in life, read on to find out what they have to say!

There’s something so fun and magical about having a special doll or stuffed animal that you love to bring everywhere and do everything with. Our girls are cousins and they love to play together and this past weekend they wanted to get together and have a girl’s princess day with their dolls.

Everly planned a bunch of activities for them to do in her room and the thing that they were most excited about was that their dolls had princess dresses to match their own dresses! Kinsley chattered about this the entire car ride over. Little Adventures makes doll gowns to match the dresses they sell and they are absolutely adorable! They are so comfy and washable that we let the girls wear them to do pretty much everything.

When we arrived at Nikki’s house Everly ushered Kinsley and her dolly straight to her room. They were quiet for a while and then we heard some music start to play for their dance party. Everly had pulled out her makeup so they could give each other princess makeovers and we could hear them laughing and giggling away.

My favorite part of the day was when we snuck a peek into the room and saw them sitting together with their dolls whispering and playing pretend. We love that they are so close and can have so much fun together using their imaginations and just simply playing. In today’s world we sometimes get caught up in keeping our kids busy and feeling like we constantly need to plan activities for them when really they have the most fun just playing and creating right at home.  This pandemic has definitely taught us to slow down and enjoy the little moments and the girls had the sweetest day together.