Smiling little girl wearing a Pirate Dress with Bandana dress up while holding a homemade treasure map.

@thelifeofcocoandbabes has the best way to celebrate National Bootleggers Day!!

Did you know that January 17 is National Bootleggers Day? We had a full afternoon of pirate play around here! Juliette put on her pirate dress from Little Adventures Dress Up and the fun began. Don’t forget your paper towel roll telescope!

She was ready for a treasure hunt! I printed out a treasure map that I found here and wrote a “D” where the treasure was hidden ❌ I asked Juliette what letter it was and what it stood for…and we promptly ventured up to brother’s room!

She opened the treasure chest (a cardboard box) that was filled with gold doubloons, jewels, and a lollipop.

We extended the play by burying the treasure in kinetic sand to find over and over again.

Once Dawson settled down for a nap we turned on Jake and the Neverland Pirates for some down time.

It was a hit and she’s already asking to do it again! ❌ Such a simple and fun way to spend an afternoon.

Little girl in a Pirate Dress with bandana smiling with both hands in the air in victory with a treasure map in one hand.